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position zero

Ranking for Position Zero – SEO above Ranking #1

Many top companies are doing even better than #1 ranking on Google, showing up above the first position on the search results. Called “position zero”, this is one of the...
Google Reindex

How Often is a Site Re-indexed in Search

Crawling, indexing and re-indexing are highly important terms in SEO. If you have had a website for a couple of months now you are probably familiar with the terms. However,...

Google’s new HTTPS Website Safety requirements

 Starting in July, Google Chrome will explicitly inform its users about the level of safety of the website they are using and will require HTTPS website security. If you want to...
Travel SEO Guide

Travel SEO Guide – Why Should Travel Companies Use SEO

This Travel SEO guide provides detailed information on the importance of SEO for your business and how to start growing through better search engine rankings. What is the best way...
keywords in SEO optimization

Keywords in SEO – How to Use The Right One

Keywords are one of the most important components of SEO. To optimize your website in the search engines and to optimize your content to the audience, you need efficient, good...

5 Reasons why you need to invest in SEO

If you have a website and you are trying to generate more traffic, you should probably be familiar with the term SEO. It is important to know where your website...