Tactica. Your SEO Agency in Indianapolis

Your local (and national) rankings matter. Rank first in Google non only for Indianapolis, but for every target market.

Professional SEO Tacticians

Our team of SEO tacticians has seen and done it all. Every single member of our team is equipped with the experience and skill set that will help you rank first and dominate google rankings.


Our top SEO priority is not to rank just for the sake of it - but to rank for keywords that matter. With us, organic traffic will bring a ton of qualified leads.


A constantly changing Google Algorithm certainly makes SEO, and growth through SEO harder. But that shall never be the case with Tactica. We make sure to stay on top of any algorithm modification that would otherwise compromise your business’s SEO strategy.

A multipotent
SEO Approach

On top of our superb communication, our SEO approach is also primarily based on data-driven analysis that enables us to customize your SEO strategy to guarantee substantial traffic to your website, and ultimately conversions.

Here is our SEO approach:

  1. Analyze: If you’re trying to rank first for your local services in Indianapolis (or anywhere in the U.S.), our team of Tacticians will carry out a thorough SEO analysis and audit of your business model, sales-generating strategies, on and off-page SEO, market analysis for the services you’re trying to break through for, and most importantly, competitor analysis.
  2. Plan out: When we draft your SEO report, we already know where your SEO is lacking, and we most definitely know how your competition has managed to stay well ahead of you in rankings. Thus, now we will get to work and design, customize, and thoroughly define an SEO localization strategy that will ultimately ensure that you get what we preach; Page One rankings on Google.
  3. Execute: Now it’s time to implement your SEO strategy, both on the website and off of it. Now it’s up to us to get you the high-quality links, tweak your content, and advance your placement on online listings and local Indianapolis search results. Just like we promised, this is the part where you sit back and watch your business grow like never before, through SEO.

"Tactica has delivered nothing but exemplary results since taking over our SEO account. Since taking over our account, Tactica increased our first through third Google rankings by 129% along with boosting our website to the top online authority in the app development industry in the State of California. Enough said!"

Comment by Client

"It is incredible how much business acumen we have found in the Tactica Team. They are not only great digital tacticians, but also amazing business-minded people. We had only a very raw idea in our mind – and they have helped us executed it in a way we didn’t believe we could. Probleme.me is now a nationally known brand, and it is all due to Tactica. We are speechless."

Comment by Client

"We never believed we could get to those rankings, especially after the penalization we suffered from Google. The agency we hired initially couldn’t even recover us from the dropped rankings. The tacticians at Tactica had a completely different approach. We noticed right away how misinformed and deceived we were about SEO, white hat techniques, and so on. Tactica was able to help us significantly grow our Revenues and business in general. We are blessed to have them."

Comment by Client