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Some of the previous clients have already built SEO teams that have had some success in their online efforts. However, both the owners and their teams were aware of their need to bring in experts in the field to better understand how to multiply the impact of their efforts.

SEO Support

You SEO team can benefit from consulting with Tactica in several ways:


An in-house SEO can be efficient and effective in handling basic SEO requirements. Yet, with only a few years of experience, it’s unlikely that they’ll have the diverse skill sets and versatile knowledge that our team of experts possesses. Tactica will make sure that your team is prepared to take on a more immersive SEO campaign through our personalized offerings and one-to-one support.


In addition to SEO services, we provide paid search expertise as well. Because SEO and paid search work often in tandem, your team can collaborate with our paid search team on ideas and tactics that will cost-effectively benefit both channels.

Technology limitations

In-house SEOs typically have access to the basic resources they need to oversee a site’s SEO needs – and many of these resources are free. However, to obtain higher-level insights, more advanced, wide-ranging software is necessary, as is the knowledge of how to use it. Our SEO team has access to this technology and can offer insightful data to your SEO team that can significantly impact their performances.


The SEO industry trends change quite frequently and when your SEO team’s workday is focused on all the typical aspects of SEO, there’s often no time to stay updated and keep up with current trends. Our agency can provide your team with insights and techniques. 


It’s difficult for a small in-house SEO team to also find the time and resources to establish a broad, higher-level SEO strategy for the company. Our team has experience developing tailored and top-notch strategies in cooperation with in-house teams.


While the in-house SEO team might be a well-oiled machine, new projects and issues come up that require a helping hand to address. SEOtatica can step in whenever and wherever needed for projects such as copywriting, writing meta descriptions, link building, etc.

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